About Vivacity Healing

Vivacity Healing was founded by Andrea Antczak and opened its door on January 17th, 2018.

Vivacity Healing offers professional detoxification services. The body has the natural ability to heal itself and provided the right environment, it will do just that. Lymphatic toxicity and acidosis are the foundation of a wide variety of ailments and provide the right environment for dis-ease to flourish. At Vivacity, we will assess for areas that need to detoxify, provide information as to what dietary and lifestyle changes need to be made to help it in this process, and recommend supplements that will assist.

Meet Our Practitioners


Andrea came from the field of mental health, specializing in substance abuse counseling. After spending several years in school studying psychology and counseling, Andrea found a passion for holistic healing.

She had developed several health problems over the years, and she was unable to resolve these problems with the medical treatments that were prescribed.

After resolving many of her own health issues with alternative and holistic remedies, Andrea started Vivacity Healing. Andrea is a certified AcuDetox specialist, reflexologist, reiki practitioner, iridologist, and acupressure specialist.


After spending most of his career in the corporate world, Joe switched gears to start practicing reflexology. Joe started his holistic wellness Journey after receiving his first reflexology session and developing a desire to help people to learn about this amazing and widely unrecognized healing modality.

Joe studied the Ingham Method of reflexology at Reflexology Certification Institute (RCI).


Five star session.

"It was really relaxing and good time for healing. I will come back again."

— vivacity client

Highly recommended.

"Very effective service for a variety of ailments. I have used Andrea for a couple months & am very pleased with the results."

— vivacity client

Calm environment.

"I haven't felt this relaxed and comfortable in a long time. I no longer have any neck or shoulder pain."

— vivacity client