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Owner of Vivacity Healing
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Vivacity Healing was founded by Andrea Antczak 9 years after the beginning of her holistic wellness journey. Andrea’s journey started with her first acupuncture appointment. Nine years ago Andrea was struggling with intense, debilitating, and persistent pain in the area of her liver. Her doctor tested her liver, gallbladder, ribs and blood. After complete inability to find any cause of the pain, her doctor accused her of making it up. Disheartened, Andrea started to feel that she just had to live with it. The pain progressively worsened.

Time went on and a friend suggested that Andrea try acupuncture for stress. She went, and during her first appointment the acupuncturist did a seemingly strange assessment by feeling Andrea’s pulses and looking at her tongue and asking a bunch of questions. Andrea didn’t mention the pain in the area of her liver, but the acupuncturists started making concerned looks while doing the assessment. The acupuncturist then said “do you have pain right here?” He was motioning over his liver. Andrea almost fell out of her chair in surprise. She told him about the debilitating pain and how her doctor couldn’t find anything wrong. The acupuncturist said she had “liver qi stagnation” and explained what it was, were it came from and how to treat it. He was able to treat it with acupuncture, but also gave advice on lifestyle changes that she needed to make as well.

This was the beginning of her belief in “alternative” healing.

Over the next 9 years she experienced several illnesses that medical doctors were unable to help and in many cases, only made worse by medicating. As a result of improper diagnosis and treatment of stress-related pain, she developed rheumatoid disease. The sudden onset and quickly worsening symptoms started to cause feelings of hopelessness. At the age of 29 she could barely move her fingers when she woke up in the morning. Her doctor increased harsh medications regularly (note:during this time she hadn’t been to an alternative healer in a few years). But being a single mom, she refused to believe that this was her fate and started doing her own research. When she found information on leaky gut, diet, and other lifestyle factors and the connections to autoimmune disease, she brought it to the attention of her rheumatologist. The response of this doctor was a roll of the eyes and a statement that there was no “real” evidence to support this. Andrea started to treat herself with dietary and lifestyle changes which included holistic therapies and she put her RD into remission.

Andrea learned about reflexology through a coworker who taugher her the basics. SHe started using it to treat herself and her family and friends. In December of 2017 she decided to start a ‘side gig’ doing reflexology and started Vivacity Healing. The business took off faster than she could’ve imagine and within two months she quit her day job.

The rest...well, you know...

Five star session.

"It was really relaxing and good time for healing. I will come back again."

— L.K.

Highly recommended.

"Very effective service for a variety of ailments. I have used Andrea for a couple months & am very pleased with the results."

— J.A.

Calm environment.

"I haven't felt this relaxed and comfortable in a long time. I no longer have any neck or shoulder pain."

— J.Y.