Mini UltraCell (In-stock)

Mini UltraCell (In-stock)


7ml (lasts 1 to 4 weeks)

Why UltraCell

* UltraCell uses USDA certified organic full spectrum hemp oil produced in Colorado.

* UltraCell has about an 83% absorption rate whereas other CBD oils only absorb at about 3% to 10%.

* Many cheaper CBD oils are derived from toxic hemp plants that were grown to detoxify soil in Asia, before being sold to low-quality CBD oil manufacturers.

* UltraCell is a full-spectrum and contains about 400 natural occurring compounds that are beneficial to the cannabinoid system and overall health of the body.

UltraCell is used for:

* Chronic pain

* Insomnia

* Weight loss

* Breast cancer

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Parkinson’s disease

* Concentration problems

* And MUCH more

For more detailed information about the science behind what makes UltraCell a much higher quality product than other CBD and hemp oil products on the market visit:

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