Holistic healing through the use of iridology, reflexology, reiki, acudetox and wellness coaching. Virtual appointments available.


Iridology Assessment

Iridology is a comprehensive assessment of the eye, particularly the iris, to find the root causes of ailments throughout the body. These ailments will include physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual factors, because we cannot separate any one of these from the individual.

Iridology is the best way to start your wellness journey or take it to the next level because it allows us in hone into specific detoxification needs and find out what specific areas of the body are out of alignment that are affecting you as a whole. We will look at the state of the lymphatic system, toxicity, digestion, and how all of these things are affecting all other areas of the body. Specific herbal remedies and lifestyle changes will allow the body to heal.

Email me (andrea@vivacityhealing.com) a description of your wellness concerns and clear pictures of each eye. I will create a private video (25 to 35 minutes long) that only you can view on YouTube where you can review your analysis of the eye and this will include recommendations for lifestyle changes and herbal remedies that will assist you in your detoxification process.

$80 — must be paid in full prior to completion of service. Email a good picture of each eye, your ailments and concerns, and I will send you an invoice.

Please email andrea@vivacityhealing.com if you would like a comprehensive iridology assessment of your eyes.

Wellness & Nutritional Coaching

These sessions can be done in the office or remotely. Each session will contain a wellness topic and resource that will help you along your wellness journey. This will include information about nutrition, supplements, diet and how the body works and regenerates.


Please call (513) 316-6949 to schedule an appointment


Reflexology is a healing technique that can be performed on many areas of the body to promote healing, relaxation and detoxification. Here at Vivacity Healing we focus primarily on the feet but may do a little work on the hands as well. Reflexology is often confused with a foot massage, because it is relaxing, but where a foot massage is more focused on muscle and fascia, reflexology is more focused on nerve endings, but will also address fascia and muscles to some degree.

The practitioner will also assess for uric acid build up with blocks optimal circulation. Reflexology has a positive effect on the whole body because entire body and all its systems can be mapped out, neurologically, on the foot. Thus, we can target specific areas of pain and inflammation throughout your body. The practitioner will promote healing by working on the tensions we feel in the corresponding areas thus increasing oxygen and nutrient flow and nerve supply to that area. This is what everything in the body needs to heal.

$60 -- 45 to 55 minutes


Reiki is a method of chakra balancing that promotes relaxation and overall healing. It is a channeling of healing energy from the divine. The session starts with checking the 7 main chakras and the body for energy blockages and imbalances. The practitioner then will lie their hands on or over various parts of the body to channel the energy. It is said that the reiki energy finds the areas of the body that are energetically imbalanced and promotes relaxation and healing in these areas.

$30 -- time will vary, sessions usually last at least 45 minutes and can go past one hour


Acupressure utilizes the same meridian techniques as acupuncture, without the puncture. The practitioner will utilize various finger techniques to apply pressure to various meridian systems via acupressure points to clear blockages and restore natural energy or ‘chi’ flow. This technique is often used to help alleviate physical and emotional pain, improve circulation, improve digestion, improve sleep and much more.

$60 -- 45 minutes to an hour

Auricular Stimulation & the NADA protocol

Auricular stimulation is another form of needless acupuncture, but this is performed in the ear with a microcurrent simulator. Basically, a small electrical current is emitted to the acupressure/acupuncture points in the ear to clear meridians. The whole body can be addressed from the ear. This is a great tool for migraines, stress, adrenal fatigue, pain management, and much more.

This technique is often used as an adjunct to addiction treatment as well. Many people use an auricular stimulation technique called the NADA protocol to help ease the discomfort of opiate withdrawal and to curb cravings associated with all addictions, include cigarette smoking.

$40 -- 30 minutes

6-month Detoxification Program

The initial assessment for starting a detoxification program will consist of iridology, reflexology, and a biopsychosocial assessment of past and current lifestyle. We will talk about dietary habits, stress levels, and more. A comprehensive detoxification plan will be created, and supplements will be recommended. His detoxification plan will consist of reflexology, wellness & nutritional coaching sessions, iridology follow-ups, AcuDetox and/ or acupressure. The total package will be reduced by 20% of what these services would cost individually. The cost of this assessment will go towards the cost of the detoxification plan if you choose to purchase it. (Note: Our services are not intended to replace the care of your medical or mental health providers.)

$250 approximately 2.5 hours

Please call (513) 316-6949 to schedule an appointment


Disclaimer: The services offered by Vivacity Healing are not meant to replace the treatments or advice of any medical professionals, mental health professionals, or veterinarians.