What can a certified detoxification specialist help me with?

A detoxification specialist will assess your detoxification needs. With this information they will make recommendations, offer education and coaching, provide supplements and other services (as described below) to help with the detoxification process. Making detoxification a part of your life will substantially lower your chances of getting sick, contracting a major ailment and save you time and money that is spent treating diseases that are preventable. The information you will gain from working with a detoxification specialist will improve your overall quality of life by lowering toxicity, inflammation and pain. This will increase energy levels and allow for more productive sleep.

What is iridology?

Iridology is widely considered to be the most accurate assessment tool in alternative medicine, healing, and wellness practices. It utilizes a method of looking into the iris to assess for systemic disruption throughout the body. It is a great took for preventative care, because it can help to find imbalances because they manifest into major health-related ailments.

What is AcuDetox?

AcuDetox at Vivacity Healing is a needless acupuncture modality performed on the ear (it can be done with acupuncture needles; however we use a microcurrent stimulator). It is also known as auricular simulation. AcuDetox is great for detoxing the liver and lungs, calming the nervous system, enhancing sleep, and reducing overall pain. AcuDetox utilized 5 acupoints on each ear. These points include:

Shen men- a analgesic point, calms the mind, treats insomnia stress, anxiety and restlessness, lower abdominal circulation, harmonizes the liver, reduces hypertension

Sympathetic- a point that act on the vagus nerve allowing the parasympathetic (rest and digest) response to kick in and calm the sympathetic (fight or flight) response. It has analgesic action, relieving contractions in the intestines, causing dilating of blood vessels, treats pulselessness, vasculitis, spasm of arteries and veins, night sweats and involuntary sweating, eye disease

Liver- regulates the free flow of qi, storing of the blood, improves eyesight, dizzy spells, convulsions, fainting, anemia, strengthens digestion (liver/spleen disharmony) relieves chest pain, abdominal distension (bloating) depression. The liver is a place where we hold anger, irritability and resentment, this causes pain and energy blockages.

Kidney- Tonifies kidney and yin, strengthens the lower back, nourishes sperm, brain tissue, assists urination, deafness, ear and eye problems, dental problems, head hair. Helps to reduce fear and paranoia.

Lungs- controls breathing and respiration, regulates body temperature, treats edema in the upper body, treats skin diseases, influenza and colds, night sweats, enteritis and dysentery. This point helps to release stored emotions of grief.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a healing technique that can be performed on many areas of the body to promote healing, relaxation and detoxification. Here at Vivacity Healing we focus primarily on the feet but may do a little work on the hands as well. Reflexology is often confused with a foot massage, because it is relaxing, but where a foot massage is more focused on muscle and fascia, reflexology is more focused on nerve endings, but will also address fascia and muscles to some degree. The practitioner will also assess for uric acid build up with blocks optimal circulation. Reflexology has a positive effect on the whole body because entire body and all its systems can be mapped out, neurologically, on the foot. Thus, we can target specific areas of pain and inflammation throughout your body. The practitioner will promote healing by working on the tensions we feel in the corresponding areas thus increasing oxygen and nutrient flow and nerve supply to that area. This is what everything in the body needs to heal.

What is reiki?

Reiki is a method of chakra balancing that promotes relaxation and overall healing. It is a channeling of healing energy from the divine. The session starts with checking the 7 main chakras and the body for energy blockages and imbalances. The practitioner then will lie their hands on or over various parts of the body to channel the energy. It is said that the reiki energy finds the areas of the body that are energetically imbalanced and promotes relaxation and healing in these areas.

What is acupressure?

Acupressure utilizes the same meridian techniques as acupuncture, without the puncture. The practitioner will utilize various finger techniques to apply pressure to various meridian systems via acupressure points to clear blockages and restore natural energy or β€˜chi’ flow. This technique is often used to help alleviate physical and emotional pain, improve circulation, improve digestion, improve sleep and much more.

Do you offer packages?

We are currently offering detoxification packages. These packages will include a combination of these services and supplementation. To schedule your consultation, please call (513) 316-6949 or email andrea@vivacityhealing.com for more information.