How does reflexology work?

Reflexology works by clearing energy pathways that are blocked by calcium and uric acid buildup because of toxins stress, injury, footwear faults, and other lifestyle factors. Illness and disease can occur as a result of blocked energy channels. All energy channels end in the hands, feet and ears. Thus, working on these areas effects the whole body by bringing internal organs to a state of optimum functioning. 

What should I expect?

Reflexology is performed on hands, feet and ears. The practitioner will use their hands and occasionally some other tools to stimulate different zones and pressure points. At times it will feel like a massage, other times there will be focused pressure to one particular point. 

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my session?

It is best that you drink plenty of water before and after your session and that you do not have an empty stomach while it is being performed. Reflexology will stimulate the detoxification of lung, liver, and spleen and cause lymphatic drainage.

Is reflexology safe during pregnancy?

It is very important that you tell your reflexologist if there is a chance you might be pregnant. There are certain areas that should be avoided during pregnancy. Many reflexologist’s will wait until after 13 weeks of pregnancy, just to be safe.

How often should I get reflexology?

Once a week for 4 to 6 weeks and then monthly after that.