More about reflexology

Reflexology is a touch healing technique that supports recovery from major and minor illnesses by increasing circulation and nerve supply throughout the body. Increasing circulation allows for life-giving oxygen and nutrients to flow more freely thus supporting the body’s immune response and supporting cognitive, digestive, endocrine, neuropeptide, muscular-skeletal, and lymphatic systems. Reflexology supports better and deeper sleep.

Reflexology for athletes

Reflexology is a fantastic adjunct to athletic performance enhancement because it supports faster and more productive recovery from training, workouts and injuries. It can do this by supporting the bodies natural inflammatory responses by increasing blood flow. Increasing circulation allows the body to heal and reduce inflammation faster.

Reflexology for severe illnesses

Reflexology is supportive of recovery of major illnesses including cancer and neurological disorders. It will help to reduce the side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation. It reduces pain and improves overall sense of well-being.

Reflexology for preventative care

Uric acid is the byproduct of cell breakdown. The body should be creating and breaking down about the same number of cells each day. When our body is out of balance, we start to break down more cells that we create. The excess uric acid will build up in our feet. This uric acid will block circulation to the corresponding areas of the body according to the Ingham Foot Chart. This decreased circulation and increased acidity lays the foundation for ailments to arise. Reflexology will work to reduce the uric acid buildup in the feet by breaking it apart and allowing the body to filter it out. (Drink plenty of water before and after your reflexology session!)